What's new in QuickBuild 13.0

QuickBuild 13.0 is shipped with dark theme, Java 17 LTS support, docker integration, two-factor authentication, global resource to limit build concurrency, page css customization, configuration search via restful api, and more

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Dark Mode

Love dark mode? QuickBuild now supports the beautiful dark theme. We have redesigned almost every pixel on the screen. You can toggle the dark theme in the header menu by clicking the moon icon .

Now, we leverage the power of CSS variables, almost every component in the GUI are refactored to use CSS variables so you can just change some of them to shape your own theme.

For example, below is when you hover in the step graph, by default, the steps are in blue. By just change only one css variable like below:

.dark {
    --qb-step-hover-bg-color: var(--qb-color-green-500);
the steps are in green now:

Java 17 LTS support

Java 17 LTS is fully supported with groovy scripting

Docker integration

Steps to run shell command in docker container, run arbitrary docker container, or build docker image

Two-factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication globally or for particular group to secure accounts

Global resource to limit build concurrency

Able to define global resource to limit build concurrency without requiring build to run on specific node

Page CSS Customization

It is now possible to customize page css globally

RESTful api is improved so that one can search configurations with path patterns. Check configuration api for details