What's new in QuickBuild 14.0

QuickBuild 14.0 is shipped with Java 21 LTS support, favorite configuration management, update of overrode variables/steps/repositories while renaming, build discussions, exporting build search result as Excel, launching build agent and deploying S3 artifacts with AWS IAM role, k8s cloud profile service customization, two-way build agent heartbeat, and more

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Java 21 LTS support

Java 21 LTS is fully supported with mvel and groovy scripting

Build discussions

Just like a simple Slack, you can use build discussions to share your thoughts, make announcements, gather feedback, and discuss the issues found with your team on each build.

Markdown is supported. So you can use it to format your messages, add links, images, and even emojis 🔥🍺.

You can also add discussions to the dashboard. This is useful when you want to get a quick glance of a configuration.

Favorite Configurations Management

User can now mark certain configurations as favorite so that they appear in the favorite configurations gadget

Update of overrode variables/steps/repositories while renaming

When rename variables, steps and repositories, you can now tell QuickBuild to update overridens in descedent configurations as well via the "Save and Update Overrides" button

Export build search result to Excel

The build search result in find page and configuration build history page can now be exported to Excel

Launch build agent and deploying S3 artifacts with AWS IAM role

For QuickBuild servers running on AWS instances, AWS IAM role associated with the instance can be used for authentication when launch build agents and deploy S3 artifacts from server. To do so, just leave aws credential file empty in AWS plugin setting. Also EC2 cloud profile now sees an option to associated launched build agent with specified IAM role, so that you can call AWS api via IAM role from within build agent, for instance to deploy S3 artifacts directly on build agents, etc.

k8s cloud profile service customization

When launch on-demand build agents in Kubernetes cluster, the NodePort service used to expose build agent can now be customized

Offline notes to inactive nodes

When a node is offline, add some notes to help others understanding the situation.

Two-way build agent heartbeat

Build agent heartbeat now not only pings server from agent, but also pings agent from server. This guarantees a working two-way communication to server for active build agents