Licensing & Pricing

Enterprise Site License Community License Open Source License


User Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Servers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Agents Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Configurations Unlimited 16 Unlimited
Support Prioritized email support during commercial service period, Forum Forum Forum
Source Code Access All versions released before commercial service expiration date No No
Software Upgrade Free during commercial service period Free Free
Price $3600 (USD) per physical site (including one year commercial service) Free Free
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Commercial Service Free for first year, $2400 (USD) per year per site for additional years
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* Except as otherwise noted, our prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including VAT and applicable sales tax.
Please read and accept the QuickBuild license agreement before you download or purchase the software.

Community License

With the free community license, you may use up to 16 configurations without any other restrictions. The community license is already contained in the download package automatically.
So, just download and start.

Enterprise Site License

QuickBuild has an aggressive commercial licensing schema. It is licensed on a per-site basis, that is, a single commercial license allows you to install QuickBuild on unlimited number of physical servers, and no limits set on number of concurrent user accounts, build agents, or build configurations as long as you keep them on the same physical site! Check physical site definition below.

Physical Site

A physical site is defined as a facility or a place of business where multiple computers are located. For example, 456 Main Street Chicago, IL and 789 Elm Street Chicago are two different physical sites. You may not install the site license to QuickBuild servers located other than the purchased site. The QuickBuild users and agents are not restricted by physical site, and can be from anywhere.

Commercial Service

QuickBuild commercial service enables you to:
  • Submit prioritized support requests for the purchasing site. We will reply to your support requests via email as soon as possible, with a guaranteed response time of two business days. Support requests need to be submitted by login to our web site, or from within QuickBuild through the Administration menu.
  • Generate permanent licenses for the purchased site for any QuickBuild versions released before service expiration date.
  • Download source code for any versions released before service expiration date.
It is free for the first year when you initially purchased the commercial site license, and can be renewed for additional years on a per-site basis. When service renew is purchased, number of purchased years will be added to the expiration date of the service, in regardless it has been expired or not. For example, if the service will expire next year, purchasing an additional year of service will make it expire two years later. However if the service was expired two years ago, you will need to purchase three years of service to reactivate it and make it expire next year.
Please note that service expiration does not prevent you from using your existing QuickBuild version. It only takes back the right of submitting prioritized support requests and generating site licenses for any new QuickBuild versions.

Free licensing for open source projects

PMEase utilizes a number of excellent Open Source components. To give back to the community, QuickBuild is free for any Open Source project, without any restrictions.
There are a few requirements for an Open Source license, the main ones being:
  • Established code base.
  • Publicly available project website.
  • Use of approved open source license.
Please note, that free licensing includes product upgrades but not support.
Contact us now to get the free open source license.